Bankruptcy Law And Asset Hearings In Bankruptcy

by Meagan Kania on August 3, 2012

Asset Hearings and Bankruptcy Attorney TulsaWhat is an Asset Hearing in Ok:

In Oklahoma if there is a money judgement against you the person holding the judgement is entitled to file a motion with the court setting the issue for an asset hearing.  At the hearing you will be required to supply all your financial information such as bank accounts, and all other assets and there location. The most important thing about assets hearings is that you show up.  If you fail to show for what ever reason the court may issue a civil bench warrant for your arrest.  You will be allowed to bail out but the bond is a cash bond and the amount is usually set at the amount of the judgement.  As you can see this is a great tool that creditors can use to collect money from you and many do use it. If you file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy after the asset hearing date has already been set I advise that you still show up to court.  When you show up I will provide you with the bankruptcy case number and summary of the Oklahoma bankruptcy case.  The judge will normally dismiss the case as the District Court no longer has jurisdiction over the case as its now transferred to the Fedral Bankruptcy Court in Oklahoma.

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