Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law, Can I File Bankruptcy Without My Spouse Filing

You Can File Bankruptcy without Your Spouse:Attorney-Bankruptcy Tulsa
At my Bankruptcy Law office I have been asked this questions a countless number of times.  A short answer to this question is yes.  In an Oklahoma bankruptcy, the law allows a married party to file without their spouse also filing. The reasons married people may want to file without their spouse also filing differ greatly.  Among the reasons may be that one of the married partners has filed chapter 7 bankruptcy within the eight years period before the court in Oklahoma will allow a subsequent filing.  Another reason may be that all the bills are in the married parties name who wishes to file and not in the non-filing spouse. In any event its fine but all the factors should be considered.  If the bills are medical bills although the medical bills are in the non-filing spouses name Oklahoma law says that one spouse is responsible for the medical bills of the other.  This means that the medical bills collector can seek to collect the bill from spouse who hasn’t filed.

If filing without your spouse is right for you that’s fine its legal. For a free consultation with a Oklahoma Tulsa bankruptcy attorney call 918-637-1546 or email us today.