Bankruptcy Law-Will Bankruptcy Help Me Get My Oklahoma Drivers License Back

Attorney-Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys-Getting Back My Oklahoma Drivers License and BankruptcyDrivers License and Bankruptcy:

In certain situations your drivers license is suspended for failing to pay financial obligations.  An example of this is failing to pay traffic tickets or for an automobile or motorcycle accident that when it occurred you didn’t have insurance that covered the other persons medical expense.  When your chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy case is filed the underlying financial obligation will be discharged thereby eliminating the debt.  Once the debt is discharged you may be able to get your Oklahoma drivers license reinstated.

Filing bankruptcy will not discharge Court Costs fines or injury caused by drunk driving and restitution in Oklahoma.  Also back child support and alimony is not dis-chargeable in bankruptcy so filing will not help you get your drivers license back in those cases.

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