Changes to Bankruptcy Law in Oklahoma

Since the Oklahoma bankruptcy laws were changed in October 2005 I receive countless calls from persons wanting to file personal bankruptcy in Oklahoma.  Most Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers Tulsa OkOklahoma’s fear that since the changes they are no longer able to file or that credit card debt can no longer be discharged in bankruptcy. Moreover many of the calls wonder if the new bankruptcy laws preclude including your medical bills or even if Bankruptcy in Oklahoma is even an option.

A short explanation of the changes is that yes Bankruptcy in Oklahoma is still available.  Yes you can still include your credit card debt and discharge them in an Oklahoma chapter 7 and yes you can also discharge your medical bills in bankruptcy.  One of the biggest changes that were a part of the new bankruptcy law is that to qualify there is a means test that compares the debtors income to that of the median family income in Oklahoma depending on the size of the debtors family.  If you are above the median family income you may not qualify for the chapter 7 fresh start but rather must file a chapter 13.  The median family income is set by the IRS and changes frequently so call a bankruptcy lawyer in Oklahoma to see if you qualify for bankruptcy under the new laws.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy law

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