Mayes County Bankruptcy Attorneys

Mayes Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Mayes County bankruptcy attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy will successfully file your bankruptcy case. People who live in Mayes County when they file their case will be filing it in Tulsa. This is because Mayes County lies within the Northern District Bankruptcy Courts jurisdiction. You can find this court on Boulder Ave in Tulsa just outside of downtown.

When you file bankruptcy in Mayes County you have nothing to worry about. Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy is cheap and easy. Chapter 7 has been around for years. In the United States thousands of bankruptcy cases are filed each year. This includes both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Which one you file really depends on how much money you make per year and the size of your family. If you make below the median family income you’ll qualify for a chapter 7. This allows you to keep your car and if you own a home you can keep that too. Any credit cards or other unsecured debt you owe is forgiven forever. Chapter 13 is a little different. It requires you to make a monthly payment on the unsecured debt you owe. Its still a perfect deal because the payment is greatly reduced. Chapter 13 is used mainly if you make above the income limit for a chapter 7. Its also used to stop foreclosure while allowing you to catch the house payments up.

Mayes County Bankruptcy Attorneys Near You

If you live in Mayes County and need some financial help you should consider filing bankruptcy. Millions of Americans have filed and gotten a fresh start. Its not worth it to fight bill collectors that you’ll never be able to pay off. Call and get a totally free bankruptcy consultation today.