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Qualifying For An Oklahoma Bankruptcy

The McAlester Bankruptcy Attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy make filing bankruptcy EZ. If you haven’t filed a bankruptcy before the whole process seems as if its overwhelming. This is understandable given the pressure creditors put on people. From threatened garnishments and repossessions to judgement’s and liens against property you own. Where you live at the time your case is filed is what determines where the case is filed. If you live in McAlester the case is filed in the Eastern District Federal Bankruptcy Court. No worries because our bankruptcy attorneys have been there many times.

When you file bankruptcy in Pittsburgh County Oklahoma you have nothing to worry about. Your going to file either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Chapter 7 is by far the easiest bankruptcy to file. The reason its the easiest is that it forgives the majority of your debt. Chapter 7 has been around for years. In the United States thousands of bankruptcy cases are filed each year.

To file a chapter 7 you have to qualify. Qualifying is fairly straight forward. To do so you cant have filed in the past 8 years, and you have to have lived in the State for a certain amount of time. Its also important that your income doesn’t exceed the maximum amount allowed for qualifying. In chapter 7 any credit cards or other unsecured debt you owe is forgiven forever.

On the other hand if you don’t qualify for a chapter 7 you can still file a chapter 13.  Chapter 13 is different then a chapter 7. The chapter 13 doesn’t eliminate the debt but makes you pay a monthly payment on a certain percentage of the debt. Its the best option if you’ve gotten behind on your house payment and are facing a foreclosure.

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If you’ve got debt and you cant pay it back don’t keep suffering. Bankruptcy is a great option that’s available to you. You can keep your home and car. You can keep your dignity too. Chapter 7 or chapter 13 we can do it.