Bankruptcy Law-Can I Keep My Rental Property If I File Bankruptcy

Rental Property and Bankruptcy Law: Whether or not you can keep rental property you own in an Oklahoma Bankruptcy depends on which bankruptcy chapter you file.  If you plan to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy you probably cant keep the property.  This is because a chapter 7 bankruptcy is more like a liquidation of your assets in exchange for the discharge of you unsecured…

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Can I Discharge Unpaid Employee Payroll Tax

Does bankruptcy Affect Renting an Apartment

When business owners file bankruptcy, questions regarding back taxes may arise.   Although some taxes can be forgiven others may not. If the question is can I discharge unpaid employee payroll tax, this is a problem. Many taxes may be forgiven but if you haven’t paid the employees tax withholding’s you will have a problem. Payroll Tax Chapter 7 In a  chapter seven bankruptcy you will…

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Difference Between a Chapter 13 and a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Difference between a chapter 13 and a chapter 7 bankruptcy

One of the complicated things about bankruptcy in Oklahoma is deciding between a chapter 13 and a chapter 13.  The major difference between a chapter 13 and a chapter 7 bankruptcy is that a chapter 13 is more like a reorganization of both secured and unsecured debt. On the other hand a chapter 7 bankruptcy forgives most unsecured debt without forcing you to pay anything…

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Transferring Property Prior to Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys

Transferring Property Prior To Bankruptcy in Oklahoma can be a problem. Anything you sell just ahead of filing will be looked at by the Trustee in your case. Certain transfers to certain party’s will bee seen as fraudulent on there face. If the Court finds the transfer to be fraudulent the court can void the transfer. If the court does this it can claw…

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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law And Taxes-Discharging taxes in chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys-Will My Back Taxes Be Discharged In Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Can you discharge Tax Debt? On any Chapter 7 Bankruptcy consultations, the prospective Debtor is always advised of a general caveat that certain debts classified as priority debts are not dischargeable including domestic support obligations such as child support and taxes due to the government and in most instances they are…

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