Tax Debt in Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Sometimes Tax Debt in Oklahoma Bankruptcy is a persons number one reason for filing. It’s quite common to hear TV and radio ads offering the ability to eliminate tax debt during a bankruptcy filing. However, the process isn’t as easy as these advertisers claim it to be. The majority of tax debts cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy; you will still owe them after a…

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Does Bankruptcy Affect Renting an Apartment

Does bankruptcy Affect Renting an Apartment

Past Due Rent From Old Apartments In a chapter 7 bankruptcy most of your unsecured debt is eliminated. This includes credit cards, medical bills, repossessions and judgments. If the land-lord has gotten a judgement against you for the past due rent you must list it in the bankruptcy petition. Even if he has the judgement its not to late to get the debt for…

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Secured Debt in Bankruptcy

Asset Hearing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Home Mortgages When you purchased your home you applied for a home mortgage. The home mortgage contained the terms of the loan. Those terms include things like the interest rate and the term of the mortgage. It also contained the amount  of your payment and other less important provisions. The loan itself was made and in exchange for the loan you gave…

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Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys Discusses Paperwork Needed to File Bankruptcy

Skiatook bankruptcy attorneys

Many people considering bankruptcy fear that the paperwork needed to file will be daunting or overwhelming but this is just a bankruptcy myth.  If you’re faced with out of control debt and harassing phone calls bankruptcy could be a great solution.  Fortunately, with the right attorney we help to make the bankruptcy process EZ. Although you dont need to bring any paperwork to our…

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