Foreclosure and Oklahoma Bankruptcy

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Foreclosure and Oklahoma Bankruptcy go hand in hand. Oklahoma and the country as a whole have experienced a reduction in foreclosures. This is due mainly to the shaking out of the subprime mortgage fallout. Regardless of this recent reduction in foreclosure rates there are plenty of Oklahoman’s who are in danger of losing their home in a foreclosure. Oklahoma Foreclosure Process Most foreclosure’s involve…

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Can I Discharge Student Loans In Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Student Loans In Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Forgiving Student Loans In Oklahoma Bankruptcy is very difficult. Like many of the discharge provisions found in the Federal Bankruptcy Code the law regarding student loan forgiveness has undergone numerous changes.  Most of the changes to the dischargeability of student loans is focused on narrowing and almost eliminating a borrowers ability to forgive student loan debt in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may not help with student…

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Debts That You Cant Discharge in Bankruptcy

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For many people receiving collection notices, harassing phone calls, or notices that they are being sued by creditors, filing for bankruptcy can end the worry and bother.  A bankruptcy, whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, eventually wipes away all or most of the debts held by an individual.  However, there are certain types of debts that you cant discharge in bankruptcy.  The four…

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Debt Relief by Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Tulsa Bankruptcy: What Not to Do Before Filing

Are you behind on your bills? Are you currently considering debt relief options? Let our Oklahoma bankruptcy attorneys in Tulsa help you. The  attorneys at EZ Oklahoma Bankruptcy have helped countless Oklahoman’s find debt relief solutions that provide them with a fresh financial start. When you retain an attorney from EZ Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law Office, we fight for you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t have…

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Can I Avoid Filing Bankruptcy

While for many people bankruptcy is the best option, it’s important to look at other alternatives that may help you avoid filing bankruptcy. Its also important that you understand its not always possible to avoid filing bankruptcy, so for the purpose of information, I’ve provided you with a few things you can try. Debt Management Programs  You may have heard of debt management programs….

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