Forgiving Student Loans in Bankruptcy

forging student loans in Oklahoma bankruptcy

Student Loan debt is becoming a crippling problem in recent times. In fact forgiving student loans is a hot topic as the number of borrowers skyrockets.¬† Student loan borrowers may have more Bankruptcy Options in Oklahoma than they realize. Sluggish economic growth and an uneven economic recovery have made for tough economic times for borrowers.¬† These economic challenges can be daunting for those with…

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Attorneys-Property Taxes In An Oklahoma Bankruptcy

BANKRUPTCY AND TAXES When you file a bankruptcy the dischargeability of property taxes depends on whether you are filing a chapter 13 or a chapter 7 Oklahoma¬†bankruptcy. If you are filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy and you are not keeping the property that the property tax was assed to you can discharge the amount of tax that was owed at the time of discharge…

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Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License in Oklahoma

Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License

There are situations where failing to pay a judgement could result in your Oklahoma drivels license to be suspended. Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License in Oklahoma is sometimes possible. There are many reasons and types of cases where a creditor gets a judgment against you. Most judgments that creditors get aren’t the kind that result in your Oklahoma drivers license being suspended….

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Can I File Bankruptcy Without My Spouse Filing

Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse

One of the most common questions married people ask me is can I file a bankruptcy without my spouse. A simple answer to this is yes. If you’re married filing a bankruptcy in Oklahoma its not a requirement that if one spouse files so must the other. But, like everything in bankruptcy its important you understand all the consequences and potential advantages involved depending…

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If You Cant Make Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment

Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment

If you cant make your chapter 13 bankruptcy payment there may still be hope. A chapter 13 requires that you make a monthly payment towards your debt. The amount of the chapter 13 bankruptcy payment depends on several different factors. One of those factors is your monthly disposable income. If you’ve filed a chapter 13 and cant meet the payment schedule there are some…

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