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    When you contact a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney at our office you will beContact a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney speaking only to a licensed Oklahoma attorney.  We are not a referral service. This means when you reach out to our office we are in Oklahoma. Unlike many phone numbers clients call, that are simply out of state referrals who direct you to other lawyers, we are the real deal. We are on South Lewis Ave. and personally serve all Counties and Bankruptcy Courts in Oklahoma

    Contact our Tulsa bankruptcy attorney for a free over the phone consultation. We talk to you that day and will answer your questions on the spot. During this free consultation I’ll ask you basic questions. The questions are easy and simply asked to figure out if you qualify for bankruptcy and if so is a bankruptcy the best option for you.

    If after some basic questions and answers you decide that bankruptcy is the right option for you Ill meet with you within 24 hours. At this meeting I will immediately begin to work on you case. This involves gathering the paperwork you need, possibly running credit reports, and telling all of your potential creditors call me about your case. 

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