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Oklahoma Divorce Law and Bankruptcy:Attorney-Bankruptcy And Divorce Lawyers Tulsa
Many of my readers may wonder why a Bankruptcy Law blog would devote time to divorce law in Oklahoma.  Moreover many of those who wonder may even be either divorce lawyers or bankruptcy lawyers who don’t practice both types of law.  The unfortunate but true reality about divorce is that one of the largest pressures found in a marriage is money.  Although there are several very important issues that I resolve as a Tulsa Divorce lawyer, i.e. child custody and visitation, many of those issues that bring about the divorce are rooted in serious financial problems.  As a Tulsa bankruptcy law firm we have helped countless individuals who will find themselves in bankruptcy once the divorce is finalized.

This sad but true reality has seriouse consequnces on your finances once your divorce is finalized that are best resolved by an Oklahoma Bankruptcy attorney who also practices Tulsa Divorce law.  Although the advent of the new Oklahoma bankruptcy Laws made discharging certain domestic support nondischargable in either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13there are still many marital debts that may have seemed to be resolved in the divorce decree that are only left to reamerge once either party files a bankruptcy.  An example may be that medical bills or credit card bills that were assigned to one party in the divorce decree may come back to haunt that same person if their former spouse files for an Okahoma Bankruptcy.

With this said be careful on what debt you thought you were done with as down the road you may be unpleasantly surprised.  I recommend that if you are contemplating a divorce in Oklahoma and one of the causes for this marital dissolution is financial problems you consult a Tulsa lawyer who practices both divorce and Bankruptcy Law.

By-Meagan Kania