Garnishments and Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law questions “Will a granishment stop once I file bankruptcy”

Over the years I have taken countless questions regarding the impact of garnishments on your bankruptcy case.   Under bankruptcy law the filing of your case kicks off the bankruptcy provision called the automatic stay.  The automatic stay stops creditors from attempting to collect any debts you have until they file for relief from the automatic stay with the bankruptcy court in which your case was filed.  In the event that you are filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy case and the debt is dischargeable, as most are, the filing of your case means that the garnishment must stop.  Because a garnishment is often times the most crushing short term financial hardship you are facing I will generally move cases with garnishments up to priority status for filing.  Once I file your case I will fax a copy to your payroll department advising them that they must stop the garnishment as of the minute the case was filed.


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