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Questions The Chapter 7 Trustee Will Ask

The Miami Bankruptcy attorneys at EZ Oklahoma Bankruptcy fight for people with overwhelming debt. Miami is located in Ottawa County Oklahoma. Miami is the County seat and is home of the Ottawa County District Court. Although this is the home of the district court its not the court that has jurisdiction of your case. This is administered by the Northern District Bankruptcy Court. This Court is located in Tulsa and is where your court is filed. Regardless of which court your case is in you’ve got nothing to worry about. The reason is that the Miami bankruptcy attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy have been there thousands of times.

When you file bankruptcy you’ve got questions about losing your car or home. Once again you’ve got nothing to worry about. The reason is that Oklahoma has adopted certain bankruptcy exemptions. The exemptions allow you to keep many of your assets when the case is file. An example of this is that your home is safe from creditors. This is also true for your car, personal property and any retirement money you’ve got set aside.

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When you file bankruptcy in Ottawa County its going to be a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Each is a great option and in many instances much easier than you think. The chapter 7 is the fresh start and gets rid of most of your debt. The chapter 13 sets you up on a repayment plan. Which ever one you file we will help you. Call today get a totally confidential and absolutely free consultation.