Oklahoma Bankruptcy Courts

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Courts

Bankruptcy Courts In Oklahoma are federal courts. This means that a bankruptcy case is controlled by federal law. Although the federal law applies to your case certain State exemptions apply to your property. The federal bankruptcy courts are some of the most beautiful court buildings in the Country.   When you attend court your appearance is generally not in front of a judge or a jury. In fact your appearance in court in most cases is is for a limited time. A bankruptcy case is filed on line and most of the dealing s in the case are done electronically.

When you file bankruptcy your case is filed in one of three Federal District Courts. Those are the Northern district, the Eastern district and thew Western district Courts. The Court that your case is filed in depends on where you live when its filed. The vast majority of cases are file in the Western District and The Northern District Courts. Some cases are filed in the Eastern District and those cases are handled the same as the other Courts handle theirs.

Northern District Bankruptcy Court in Tulsa
224 South Boulder Ave. Tulsa, OK. 74103
Western District Bankruptcy Court in Oklahoma City
215 Dean A McGee Ave # 147, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Eastern District Bankruptcy Court  in Muskogee
101 N. 5th Street, Room 403 Muskogee, OK 74401

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Our bankruptcy attorneys file cases in all Oklahoma Bankruptcy Courts. That means that we service each and every part of the State. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Oklahoma City, Tulsa or Southern Oklahoma we can file your case. With thousands of cases filed over the past 18 years you cant trust us with your bankruptcy. Chapter 7 or chapter 13 we do them both. Call today and get a free consultation