Qualifying For an Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Qualifying for an Oklahoma bankruptcy isn’t that difficult. People will fight to pay bills because they believe that filing bankruptcy is difficult and that they don’t qualify. Each year thousands of Oklahoman’s file for bankruptcy and get the protection they need. Most of those same people delay filing because they fear qualifying for an Oklahoma bankruptcy is beyond what they can do.

Things Needed To Qualify to File Bankruptcy:

1.  You cant have filed a previous chapter 7 within 8 yearsQualifying For An Oklahoma Bankruptcy.  The dates run from the time the prior bankruptcy was actually filed not when the case closed.

2. Your family income must not exceed the median family income for a family of your family’s size.  The median family income is determined by the IRS and is different depending on what part of the country you live in.  The median income limit changes from time to time so check with one our bankruptcy lawyers to determine if you qualify.  In the event that you do not meet the median income requirements to qualify for a chapter 7 you may consider filing a chapter 13

3.  You must have lived in Oklahoma for six months before the date you file.  To qualify for the bankruptcy exemptions in Oklahoma you must have lived in Oklahoma for 2 years next proceeding the filing of your bankruptcy case.

4. If you’ve been required to file taxes you must have filed them. If iy=ts a chapter 7 that you’re filing you need two years of taxes. If, on the other hand, you’re filing a chapter 13 you are required to have four years of taxes. The trustee will require that you have the entirety of the taxes and not just a summary.

Free Consultation Tulsa Bankruptcy:

If you meet the requirements you are preemptively qualified to file chapter 7 in Oklahoma.  Call email our bankruptcy attorneys and lets find out what type of bankruptcy you qualify for.