Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys

Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy make filing bankruptcy easy. Bankruptcy in OKC doesn’t have to be so difficult. Sure the laws complex and the emotions are high but this doesn’t mean that the lawyers should make it so hard. The attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy file both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and we do it fast. When creditors are after your money they sometimes file for a garnishment of your check. If this is you read on. Otherwise read through our blog for topics that are related to your situation.

Garnishing Your Paycheck

If you’ve got debt hanging out there the creditor you owe it to will stop at nothing to collect it from you. Once you default on the loan they run it up to the District Court and seek a judgement. To do this they have to give you notice of the law suite. If you get the notice and show up for the hearing they must prove you in default of the loan. The problem is that in many cases you never get the notice and they get their judgement. This is the beginning of the nightmare. This is because once they get the judgment they’ll garnish your paycheck and try to garnish your bank account.

How Much Can be Garnished From My Check

The amount that’s subject to the garnishment is set by Federal law. Usually its set at a percentage of your after tax income. The amount for most debt is 25%. Problem is that certain debt is handled differently. An example of the this is past due child support. If the child support is reduced to a judgement the court will allow as much as 50% of your after tax wages to be garnished.

Stopping a Garnishment

In most cases you may be able to file a hardship in the court where the garnishment is ordered from. This is a temporary way to stop the garnishment and you’ve got to qualify. The only other ways to stop the garnishment is to pay off the debt or to file a bankruptcy. If you’re able to pay the debt off that’s great. Simply contact the attorney who got the garnishment and let them know.

Once the debt is satisfied its done. On the other hand, you probably don’t have the money to pay off the debt. If this is you don’t be afraid. A bankruptcy stops the garnishment in its tracks once its filed. Of course the debt your filing on must be able to be discharged in bankruptcy. Those debts include child support and very few other debts. The rest of your debt that caused the garnishment is forgiven in the bankruptcy. Those debts include, credit cards, repossessions and foreclosures pay day loans and most other unsecured debt.

Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys Near You

The Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy help clients file bankruptcy in every County in Oklahoma. It doesn’t matter if its a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 we can do it. Call our bankruptcy lawyers today for a free and absolutely confidential consultation.