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The Osage County Bankruptcy Attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy are here to help you get out of debt. Being one of the largest counties in Oklahoma our attorneys represent its residents with financial troubles more often than many other counties. The city of Pawhuska is the largest city in Osage County and is the County Seat. Pawhuska is where the district court is located but its not where your bankruptcy case is filed. If you live in Osage County on the day we file you chapter 7 the case is filed in the Northern District Bankruptcy Court.

This court is located in Tulsa on South Boulder Ave. in Downtown Tulsa. Wherever the case is filed you don’t have anything to worry about. The reason is that the bankruptcy lawyers at our firm have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases and we’re here to watch-over you and your case.

If you own a house or a car when you file bankruptcy you can keep them both. This is also the case for things like personal property, retirement accounts, wedding rings and other exempt property. In Oklahoma the State has adopted a whole slew of property that’s considered exempt in bankruptcy. This means that even though you’ll be getting a large amount of your debt forgiven you wont lose many of your assets.

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To qualify for a chapter 7 there are certain requirements that must be met. Of those is that your income cant exceed a certain maximum. Its also important that you haven’t filed in the past 8 years. If you don’t qualify for chapter 7 you can always file a chapter 13. Either way we’ve got you covered. Call today and get yourself a totally confidential and totally free consultation.