Questions The Chapter 7 Trustee Will Ask.

Oklahoma bankruptcy Questions Asked at your 341 Hearing:

1.  Do you swear or affirm to tell the truth.

2.  Please state your name for the record.

3.  Trustee will review your driver license and social security card to make   sure they are in agreement with whats found in your petition.

4.  How long have you lived in the State of Oklahoma.

5.  How long have you lived in the county in which you currently reside.

6.  Does this petition include all your assets.

7.  Does this petition include all of the persons or businesses you owe money to.

8.  Did you read and sign a copy of your bankruptcy information sheet.

9.  Is every thing contained herein true and correct.

10.  Have you ever filed a Bankruptcy before.

This is just a Short list of some of the questions you will be asked at the 341 meeting of the creditors.  Each trustee is a little different and may ask some different questions depending on the particulars of your case.  Most if not all the questions will have already been answered in the petition you signed at my office,  so simply answer his or her questions once again.

The meeting generally lasts for about 10 minutes but may be a little longer or shorter depending on your case.  If a creditor shows up the creditor will have the chance to ask you a few questions.  Most times creditors will not show but if one does just relax and answer the questions.

Once the meeting is concluded I will ask you if you have completed the second half of your credit counseling. If not yet done you should complete it promptly because if you fail to complete the debtor education the trustee will file a motion to dismiss.

If you have any questions feel free to call my office and I will talk to you in detail about the meeting.




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