Skiatook Bankruptcy Attorneys

Skiatook bankruptcy attorneys

The Skiatook Bankruptcy Attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy help people in Skiatook get out of debt fast. If you live in Skiatook Oklahoma when you file chapter 7 its filed in the Northern District Bankruptcy Court in Tulsa. The Courts located in Downtown Tulsa on Boulder Ave across from the Tulsa World Building. Very easy access from Skiatook, about a 15 minute drive. When people file bankruptcy they’ve usually got lots of questions and a certain amount of anxiety about the process. That’s fine but I assure you that you have very little to fear. The process is generally quick and painless. One question people have for me is about the Oklahoma Bankruptcy Exemptions. Read on and maybe you find this article informative.

Things You Keep in Bankruptcy

In Oklahoma we have a bunch of State exemptions that determine what weSkiatook bankruptcy attorneys can keep when we file chapter 7 or chapter 13. The great news in that the exemptions in our State are some of the broadest in the country. This means that as Oklahoman’s we get to keep the vast majority of our personal property when we file. Below is a short list of exempt assets. There’s more than what I listed so if you own property and I didn’t list it as exempt just call me. 

  1. Your house so long as you live in it
  2. Your car and if you’re married your spouse keeps theirs too
  3. Any retirement funds including 401K and IRA
  4. A couple guns if you own any
  5. Your personal property including household goods
  6. Wedding rings and a reasonable amount of jewelry
  7. If you’ve picked out a burial site its yours to keep
  8. Some farm animals
  9. Tools of your trade

Skiatook Bankruptcy Attorneys Near You

Whether you’ve filed before or its your first time we would love to help you. Chapter 7 or chapter 13 no worries because we do them both. Our Skiatook bankruptcy attorneys have filed nearly two thousand bankruptcy cases. Of those cases nearly all of them have been successful. Get a totally confidential and absolutely FREE consultation 918.637.1646