Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Tulsa

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit

While many people use the term bankruptcy in a generic sense, there are a couple of versions of consumer bankruptcy .¬† Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are two examples of types of bankruptcy. ¬†While Chapter 7 is the form of bankruptcy that most people think of when they think bankruptcy this may not be the solution for them. Chapter 13 is another type bankruptcy…

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Dangers Of Commingling Exempt Assets

What Does it Mean to Co-Mingle Assets In any chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, exemptions ensure that the Debtor(s) are not left empty handed on the streets, however some Debtors find themselves in situations that may result in loss of the bare minimum assets that could have been protected under the requisite exemption statutes. Although there are number of ways that a Debtor may loose…

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