Foreclosure and Oklahoma Bankruptcy

chapter 13 bankruptcy law

Foreclosure and Oklahoma Bankruptcy go hand in hand. Oklahoma and the country as a whole have experienced a reduction in foreclosures. This is due mainly to the shaking out of the subprime mortgage fallout. Regardless of this recent reduction in foreclosure rates there are plenty of Oklahoman’s who are in danger of losing their home in a foreclosure. Oklahoma Foreclosure Process Most foreclosure’s involve…

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Tulsa

Oklahoma Lawyer explains reasons to reaffirm

While many people use the term bankruptcy in a generic sense, there are a couple of versions of consumer bankruptcy .  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are two examples of types of bankruptcy.  While Chapter 7 is the form of bankruptcy that most people think of when they think bankruptcy this may not be the solution for them. Chapter 13 is another type bankruptcy…

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How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit

Oklahoma bankruptcy lawyers

As a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney I’m often asked how Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit. The truth is that answering this question is a little different depending on your particular case. The most important thing to realize is that bankruptcy’s impact on your credit score isn’t permanent and can be improved shortly after we file your chapter 7 case.  Unfortunately, there are a great number myths…

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Forgiving Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Tulsa Bankruptcy: What Not to Do Before Filing

Student Loan debt is becoming a crippling problem in recent times. In fact forgiving student loans is a hot topic as the number of borrowers skyrockets.  Student loan borrowers may have more Bankruptcy Options in Oklahoma than they realize. Sluggish economic growth and an uneven economic recovery have made for tough economic times for borrowers.  These economic challenges can be daunting for those with…

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Removing Liens on Your Home in Bankruptcy

Qualifying For An Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Removing Liens on your home in bankruptcy is an important part of the case. Sometimes when a creditor gets a judgment against you and you own a home they will place a lien on the title. With the help of an experienced Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney getting the lien removed is easy. Motion to Avoid Lien on my Home Removing liens on your home in…

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