Can I Discharge Unpaid Employee Payroll Tax

Does bankruptcy Affect Renting an Apartment

When business owners file bankruptcy, questions regarding back taxes may arise.   Although some taxes can be forgiven others may not. If the question is can I discharge unpaid employee payroll tax, this is a problem. Many taxes may be forgiven but if you haven’t paid the employees tax withholding’s you will have a problem. Payroll Tax Chapter 7 In a  chapter seven bankruptcy you will…

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Transferring Property Prior to Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys

Transferring Property Prior To Bankruptcy in Oklahoma can be a problem. Anything you sell just ahead of filing will be looked at by the Trustee in your case. Certain transfers to certain party’s will bee seen as fraudulent on there face. If the Court finds the transfer to be fraudulent the court can void the transfer. If the court does this it can claw…

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Means Testing and Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law

Means testing and Oklahoma bankruptcy go hand in hand. In order to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy you must not make above a certain amount of money per year. Means testing in bankruptcy determines which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify to file. Means Testing Qualifies You Your income determines which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify to file. If you’d like to file a chapter…

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Payday Loans in Bankruptcy

Garnishments and Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law

Payday loans in bankruptcy go hand in hand. Payday lenders are some of the most predatory types of loans that people take out. They usually come with the highest possible interest rates. The worst thing about payday loans is that they tend to be used by the poorest of us and that’s who gets hurt the most. Recent legislation attempts to require more disclosure…

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Will An Oklahoma Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit

Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit

Bankruptcy and your credit score: Will bankruptcy hurt my credit is a question people have.  The answer to this question is that it really depends on your particular circumstances.  In reality many of my clients are facing judgements for unpaid credit card bills, car repossessions, and foreclosures.  In those situations the answer is that in an odd way bankruptcy may help. This is because…

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