Can I Discharge Unpaid Employee Payroll Tax

Does bankruptcy Affect Renting an Apartment

When business owners file bankruptcy, questions regarding back taxes may arise.   Although some taxes can be forgiven others may not. If the question is can I discharge unpaid employee payroll tax, this is a problem. Many taxes may be forgiven but if you haven’t paid the employees tax withholding’s you will have a problem. Payroll Tax Chapter 7 In a  chapter seven bankruptcy you will…

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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law And Taxes-Discharging taxes in chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys-Will My Back Taxes Be Discharged In Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Can you discharge Tax Debt? On any Chapter 7 Bankruptcy consultations, the prospective Debtor is always advised of a general caveat that certain debts classified as priority debts are not dischargeable including domestic support obligations such as child support and taxes due to the government and in most instances they are…

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Payday Loans in Bankruptcy

Garnishments and Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law

Payday loans in bankruptcy go hand in hand. Payday lenders are some of the most predatory types of loans that people take out. They usually come with the highest possible interest rates. The worst thing about payday loans is that they tend to be used by the poorest of us and that’s who gets hurt the most. Recent legislation attempts to require more disclosure…

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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law

The Bankruptcy Code: Bankruptcy law is under the jurisdiction of title 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code.  Although federal law applies each state in the United States is allowed to apply or not apply certain bankruptcy exemptions.  An Exemption is what each person filing their bankruptcy case is allowed to keep regardless of  filing either a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  An example…

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Will An Oklahoma Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit

Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit

Bankruptcy and your credit score: Will bankruptcy hurt my credit is a question people have.  The answer to this question is that it really depends on your particular circumstances.  In reality many of my clients are facing judgements for unpaid credit card bills, car repossessions, and foreclosures.  In those situations the answer is that in an odd way bankruptcy may help. This is because…

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