Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Tulsa

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit

While many people use the term bankruptcy in a generic sense, there are a couple of versions of consumer bankruptcy .  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are two examples of types of bankruptcy.  While Chapter 7 is the form of bankruptcy that most people think of when they think bankruptcy this may not be the solution for them. Chapter 13 is another type bankruptcy…

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Means Testing and Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law

Bixby Bankruptcy Attorneys

Means testing and Oklahoma bankruptcy go hand in hand. In order to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy you must not make above a certain amount of money per year. Means testing in bankruptcy determines which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify to file. Means Testing Qualifies You Your income determines which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify to file. If you’d like to file a chapter…

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Tulsa Bankruptcy Should I File

How Do I know if an Oklahoma Bankruptcy is right for me? This is a question that most of my potential clients ask when they call our Tulsa Lawyers with bankruptcy questions.  Although I understand my bankruptcy clients concerns the question is one that can only be answered by looking to the clients individual circumstances based on a totality of their particular situation.  Below…

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