Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License in Oklahoma

Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License

There are situations where failing to pay a judgement could result in your Oklahoma drivels license to be suspended. Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License in Oklahoma is sometimes possible. There are many reasons and types of cases where a creditor gets a judgment against you. Most judgments that creditors get aren’t the kind that result in your Oklahoma drivers license being suspended. The type of judgement that can result in your drivers license being suspended for failing to pay is, criminal fines and costs, failing to pay child support and damages that result from failing to carry car insurance.

Failing to Pay Personal Injury Claims

If you get into an automobile accident and don’t have insurance you may beUsing Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License held liable for the injury. The first thing is that the insurance company must prove that you didn’t have car insurance and that it was your negligence that caused the accident. They must also prove that their insured was injured in the accident or that they had to pay property damage. If this is the case they may come after you for any money they paid for their clients injury. For this kind of case Using Bankruptcy to Reinstate Your Drivers License is a great option. This is a kind of debt that is forgiven in your Oklahoma chapter 7 bankruptcy. If on the other hand you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy

Traffic Tickets in Bankruptcy

Traffic tickets and other fines and costs associated with criminal cases cannot be discharged in a chapter 7 and failing to pay could result in a suspended drivers license.On the other hand filing a chapter 7 and getting debt forgiveness for things like credit card repossessions and other unsecured debt may help by freeing up disposable income. Once you have more disposable income you can use it to pay off fines and coats.

You can use chapter 13 to help with traffic tickets and other criminal fines and costs. Its a great tool in a chapter 13. The reason is that this type of debt is a priority debt. This means that it will be paid in your chapter 13 before any unsecured debt is paid. Depending on your disposable income it may help to reduce the unsecured debts paid in the chapter 13 plan.

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