If You Cant Make Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment

Workers Comp and Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

If you cant make your chapter 13 bankruptcy payment there may still be hope. A chapter 13 requires that you make a monthly payment towards your debt. The amount of the chapter 13 bankruptcy payment depends on several different factors. One of those factors is your monthly disposable income. If you’ve filed a chapter 13 and cant meet the payment schedule there are some…

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Bankruptcy Law-Can I Keep My Rental Property If I File Bankruptcy

Rental Property and Bankruptcy Law: Whether or not you can keep rental property you own in an Oklahoma Bankruptcy depends on which bankruptcy chapter you file.  If you plan to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy you probably cant keep the property.  This is because a chapter 7 bankruptcy is more like a liquidation of your assets in exchange for the discharge of you unsecured…

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