Tulsa Bankruptcy: What Not to Do Before Filing

Tulsa Bankruptcy: What Not to Do Before Filing

In Tulsa bankruptcy: what not to do before filing is an important question.  Deciding to file a Bankruptcy is one of the most emotional and stressful decisions that you will face in your life.  The complexity of the process leads many people to do things in before filing that they wouldn’t normally do.  With this said your best course of action is to make sure that you hire a skilled Bankruptcy Lawyer to guide you through the process and help you avoid those things that lead to problems:

Avoid This Bankruptcy Mistake

  • Running up credit cards because you think your debts will simply be discharged
  • Transferring property out of your name to avoid losing them during bankruptcy
  • Cashing in retirement funds to help reduce assets
  • Ignoring pending lawsuits thinking that the bankruptcy will stop them
  • Paying back money owed to family and friends and ignoring creditors
  • Withholding information from a lawyer and hiding assets

The mistakes outlined above are just some of those that people tend to make just before filing.  Most of the things don’t really seem to be a problem but believe me they are.  Anything you do prior to filing will be looked at by the Bankruptcy Trustee and could cause the Bankruptcy petition to be denied.  Moreover,  if you sell something for way less than its worth this could also be a problem.

Knowledgeable Tulsa Attorney for Bankruptcy

Once you consider filing bankruptcy it’s important that you contact a local bankruptcy lawyer with experience dealing with the Bankruptcy Trustees office in Oklahoma.  The process is very stressful but can be made much more simple if you have a good working relationship with a Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Bankruptcy can be a great way to achieve financial well being, but only if it is handled by a bankruptcy professional. With this in mind I encourage you to contact our Office as soon as Bankruptcy begins to look like an option for you. We know the process and we are fully devoted to helping you out of your financial difficulties.

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